The Village of Nyack Goes Mainstream.


Our first client, and one of our proudest accomplishments. Saluk Advertising was brought in at the beginning stages of Visit Nyack, to help get the word out about our idyllic village helping increase tourism and awareness. We developed a fully integrated media plan, as well as creative to spread the message about our home town. In just under two years, website traffic has increased by over 500% (growing every month), and has galvanized the community around the organization. 


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"One Visit" campaign

Saluk Advertising created the "One Visit" campaign, communicating to potentials visitors that it takes just one visit to Nyack to capture your heart.

The award-winning campaign is fully integrated, running on digital platforms, out of home, radio/online radio, and video.

The agency is also responsible for full social media management, handling everything from daily posts, to paid, to takeovers and contests.

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